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January/February 2021

Jumping on the ice

Tour guides from across the territories share their favourite places, activities, and memories of these unforgettable lands.

Photo courtesy Weber Arctic

January/February 2021

Man looking over Náįlįcho

Nahanni National Park Reserve is one of the largest protected lands in Canada. It’s home to diverse wildlife and geological wonders, yet sees only a fraction of the visitors each year of other parks. And that’s OK. Because what keeps this northern gem so well hidden is also what makes it so special.

Photo by Peter Mather

November/December 2020

Laird Herbert in front of Black Spruce Hotel

Laird Herbert’s Black Spruce Hotel taps into the growing global trend of “landscape” accommodations. At his new lodgings, you’ll be immersed in nature—but it will hardly know you’re there.

Photo by Cathie Archbould