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September/October 2021

Over the last two decades, thousands of tiny houses have popped up across North America, creating a new lifestyle trend and a slew of first-time home buyers. But why is this movement at a standstill in the North?

Photo by Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs



January/February 2021

Artcirq playing string games in Iglulik

As Nunavut faces hard times, a circus troupe offers hope through an Iglulik street performance.


January/February 2021

Snowflake up-close

Mounting snow outside your window may be breathtaking, but have you ever admired the look of a single snowflake? Well, now you can.

Photo by Nathan Myhrvold

January/February 2021

A family of swimming polar bears

Amos Nachoum spent 40 years trying to snap the perfect underwater photo of the Arctic’s deadliest predator. It was worth the wait.

Photo courtesy Amos Nachoum

January/February 2021

Carcross Desert

The Yukon’s Carcross Desert may not be an actual desert, but it is an area that thrives on a careful balance.

Stanley Aryanto From The Wicked Hunt Photography

January/February 2021

Standing on top of a cliff

Climbers face a perilous journey even before their ascent on northern mountains. That challenge is also what keeps these adventurers reaching for the top.

Photo Courtesy Bronwyn Hodgins