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March/April 2021

Chicken standing in pen.

These hearty chickens could be the key to providing farm-fresh food in the Beaufort Delta. But first they’ll need to survive a northern winter. 

Phhoto by Up here/jacob boon

March/April 2021

SmartICE team pulling a sensor across the ice

As sea ice around the Arctic continues to recede, one company is combining traditional knowledge with cutting-edge technology to track its changes.

Photo by Michael Schmidt/Courtesy of SmartICE

March/April 2021

Yellowknife was home to its own red-light district, starting in the 1930s

The stories of early Yellowknife’s red-light district are far grittier—and far less celebrated—than those of the infamous Klondike Days in the Yukon. But its place in history is worth remembering.

Illustration by Beth Covey

March/April 2021

Students learning at Yukon University

Northerners have more post-secondary schooling options than ever before, but can a university system in the territories deliver on its promises?