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September/October 2021

Over the last two decades, thousands of tiny houses have popped up across North America, creating a new lifestyle trend and a slew of first-time home buyers. But why is this movement at a standstill in the North?

Photo by Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs



May/June 2021

iPhone displaying Inuktitut translation

When Microsoft added Inuktitut to its translation program, the world became a little less isolated.

Photo by Up Here

May/June 2021

A woman gets "867" tattooed on her shoulder

While some provinces have up to a dozen area codes, there is just one spanning all three territories. But these digits are more than the numbers you dial ahead of a phone call. It’s a symbol of identity and of the place we call home.

Adobe Stock/photo illustration

May/June 2021

Matthew Lien plays for a crowd

It took several weeks, more than $3,000, and a trip overseas to bring Matthew Lien’s piano from Taipei to Whitehorse. But for him, the journey was worth it.

Photo courtesy Whispering Willow Records

May/June 2021

Iqaluit builders make a qaggiq

Until this past spring it had been many generations since a qaggiq (or giant iglu) was built in Iqaluit. These master builders put one together in four days.

Photo courtesy Qaggiq Festival/Shawn Innuksuk