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March/April 2021

Elder David Johnny Sr. teaching Beaver Creek’s students to use a type of tree root to make rope.

In the North’s smallest and most remote communities, educators must be willing to learn as much as they teach.

Photo courtesy Heidi Warren

March/April 2021

Miles Canyon at sunset.

Increasingly, northern places are being renamed to use their traditional Indigenous designations. But this is not about rewriting a map. It’s reclaiming a history.

Photo Provided

March/April 2021

Drawing of a child.

From an attic in the Netherlands to Baker Lake in the ’60s—there’s a story behind each one of Gabriel Gély’s Inuit portraits.

PHOTO Courtesy Lambert van gils

March/April 2021

Chicken standing in pen.

These hearty chickens could be the key to providing farm-fresh food in the Beaufort Delta. But first they’ll need to survive a northern winter. 

Phhoto by Up here/jacob boon