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Reviews of new books about or from the North
It's not too late to get in some last-minute summer reading
September 2018
Photo by Peter Mather
The September Arctic Moment
September 2018
Photo by Angela Gzowski
It is a refuge, a base for a hunt, the family home away from home. From Arviat to Dawson City, take a tour through cabin country, Northern-style.
August 2018
Bill White on the St. Roch. Vancouver Maritime Museum
We've got food, history and travel in this fall issue
August 2018
Our Arctic Moment for July/August
July 2018
Illustration by Beth Covvey
A look at the stories to come in July and August
June 2018
Whitefish. Photo by Paul Vecsei
We look at the languages of the North, and also learn a bit about what's on the land and in the water up here.
May 2018
Photo by Stephanie Hansen
With a fish feature in the works, we figured we may as well put a few lines in and try our luck
April 2018
And why it's a very different picture than anywhere else in the country...
April 2018
Illustration by Alison McCreesh
We've got dispatches from the frontlines of Northern health care and so much more in this double issue of Up Here.
March 2018